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Next meeting Special Location – Bishop Sullivan

WEST SIDE STORY: redevelopment from 39th to 40th on Troost
Bishop Sullivan Center 3936 Troost 11:30-1:00 pm
Presenters: Chuck Wurth, Mike Waldeck, Doug Langner and Ross Beaudoin

Can’t wait to see all of you to kick off a fabulous new year! Troost Alliance is a voluntary association, a “networking” group of agencies, churches, businesses, individuals who are invested in the betterment of the lives of people along the Troost Corridor.  All are welcome. Click on the linked dates below for Troost Alliance meeting details, and other Troost events.

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“Troost Alliance” started in 2005 around the dining room table at St. James Parish, 3909 Harrison (corner of 39th and Troost), Kansas City, Missouri. Deacon Ross Beaudoin simply invited a few churches and agencies to get together and talk about their common interests and the people they serve along the Troost Corridor. Sometime during the first year Scott Burnett, District One Representative to the Jackson County Legislature, started coming to the meetings. Scott and Ross have become the informal “coordinators” and “conveners” of the group. They assure that the group has a place to meet, a program and lunch all the while being attentive to the interests and needs of the community and the Troost Alliance participants. Inquiries may be directed to Deacon Ross Beaudoin at 816-560-4473 or use the contact form. Troost Alliance meets each fourth Wednesday, 11:30 to 1:00 pm.  Because of Thanksgiving and Christmas, the November and December meetings are combined on the first Wednesday of December.  There is a summer recess in August.